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Porsche Centre Tonbridge Classic Restoration Project
Porsche Classic Restoration
Competition Entry 2016
Porsche Tonbridge Classic Restoration Project 924 944

The story so far

Porsche Centre Tonbridge, in conjunction with our Porsche Recommended Repairer SL Restorations, has undertaken the challenge of restoring a Porsche 924 back to its former glory. We are entering our project into the nationwide Classic Restoration Competition, the theme of which celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first front-engined Porsche car. Below we give a short overview of the story so far...

The car we purchased was an interesting representation of the model. Previous owners had tried to make it look like a 924 Turbo with red and white two-tone paintwork, including the bonnet vent scoop and rear spoilers. Needless to say this didn't suit the car.

We stripped down the 924 whilst trying to salvage as many parts as possible for restoration. Underneath the two-tone paintwork the body required extensive repair and the interior needed real investment to restore its condition.

The complete engine strip disclosed that the engine cylinder bores were excessively worn and there were no short engines available to purchase. Repairs slowed down while we debated how to proceed. We finally decided to use a 2.7 litre engine from a 944, which had 5 bhp more and lower mileage than the original 924 engine.

Porsche Classic Restoration Project Tonbridge

Rebuilding the engine

The engine is now fully restored with a new head gasket and big end bearing shells. It also has an alternator from the 944 and a power steering pump from a 924S. It has all new gaskets, wiring loom and a DME control unit from a 924S.

We are currently restoring the brake callipers which have been sent away with the wheels for full refurbishment. We also have £7,000 worth of parts on order from Germany which will enable us to carry out the final repairs.

Porsche Restoration Project - The Respray

Restoring the body and interior

Restoration of the body shell took place at SL Restoration with full repairs and a respray. We were asked to finish the car in Porsche Green paintwork to coincide with the official launch pictures from when it was brand new. SL Restoration have just completed the respray and it's certainly going to stand out!

The interior trim and seats were in really poor condition so we intend to use new leather trim and green stitching to give the car a modern twist. We are now looking forward to getting the car back to the Centre so we can start the re-build.

Visit The Porsche GB Restoration live stream  where you can follow the stories, pictures and videos from the competition. You can even be part of the story by using #porscheclassicgb to share Tweets and Instagram posts.