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Pub in the Park 2023


Pub in the Park 2023 - the UK’s best food and music festival.

A mouth-watering extravaganza like no other, Pub in the Park 2023 the UK's most extraordinary food and music festival. 

Our team of experts geared up for this phenomenal event on Friday 7 July to Sunday 9 July, with an impressive Classic Porsche events unit, standing tall like a beacon of automotive history witht the E1 Cayenne, accompanied by a dazzling stretch tent adorned with the latest and most jaw-dropping Porsche vehicles. 

Thank you to the Pub in the Park team for allowing us to be part of this spectacular weekend and of course, our amazing customers and supporters. Your unwavering passion and love for all things Porsche made this experience all the more unforgettable. We are forever grateful for your fantastic support. 

For any of your Porsche enquiries, please contact us on 01732 361222 or email us info@porschetonbridge.co.uk