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Cayenne Re1nvent


The RE1NVENT Challenge.

This year we aim to change the perception of the Cayenne E1 and the RE1NVENT challenge was the perfect opportunity for us to make this happen.

At Porsche Centre Tonbridge we modified a Cayenne E1 2008 model, for a cross-country adventure like never before. We took great pride in making many amazing adjustments such as installing 18 inch Porsche Classic Off-road Wheels, a steel Engine Sump guard, a roof Transport System alongside many other amendments.

Our modified Cayenne was put through it's paces with a range of challenges to explore, rally and climb at Walters Arena in Neath and the remarkable E1 didn't disappoint, to check out the transformation head over to our social media channels.

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YouTube: @PorscheCentreTonbridge

For any of your Porsche enquiries please contact us on 01732 361222 or info@porschetonbridge.co.uk