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Porsche Sound Bar

Porsche Masterpieces from Porsche Driver's Selection


The Porsche Masterpieces Collection captures the spirit of Porsche, with each item containing elements of Porsche sports and race cars, re-engineered for a different purpose. 

Examples from the Porsche Masterpieces Collection include: the 911 Soundbar, created from the original rear silencer and twin exhaust module of the Porsche 911 GT3; the Porsche Clock, reworked from an original 911 Turbo 20-inch wheel rim and the Office Chair, transformed from an original 4-way Sports seat Plus featured in the Porsche 911.

Each Porsche Masterpiece has been designed and made with a no compromise approach to both development and quality.

View the collection in the Porsche Centre Tonbridge showroom, browse the online select magazine or contact a member of our team on 01732 361222 for more information.